Fae Harlow
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Works In Progress


A young witch whose circle hunts undesirable creatures. Vampires, shadows, ghosts, demons, anything they deem unworthy. Mena’s not exactly high priestess material, she has a soft spot a mile wide for a dangerous creature of darkness, and a mind of her own. Vampire Kieran Ashford knows better than to mix with the magical, but Mena is the one thing he can’t resist. Falling in love with a mortal magic user is dangerous enough, that she’s the daughter of Luna’s acting high priestess is suicide. Mena’s entire world turns upside down when the safest place she knows becomes the most dangerous and safety is found in the arms of a vampire she should inherently fear. Kieran could prove to be Mena’s only hope, and protecting Mena could cost Kieran his final death.

Dark Symphony-Writing

A young woman wakes on her 21st birthday to realize that everything she believes to be true is a lie. There are powers at play in her existence that should never have meddled in the affairs of mortals. Caught between light and darkness with no memory of who to trust, she must forge her own path forward.

Come the Dawn

Darkness stalks the city and i’s up to the unlikeliest of heroes to stop its spread.

Finder’s Fee-Writing/Development

Finder’s Fee started out life as a short story, and has morphed into an interesting novel that follows a young woman learning to navigate magical world she would rather remain on the edges of.


A human girl is all that stands between the wolves and those who would destroy everything they’ve built.


Blood Falls: Vampire Christopher Brandon keeps mortal Hazel Abbot at a comfortable distance. The accident-prone human is an unlikely potential, and while he can't allow her to come to harm, he's desperate to maintain the space between them. When danger begins to stalk Fey Hollow and Hazel appears to be at its center, they must trust in the bond they share or risk losing more than their lives. Blood Falls is part of Tales from the Hollow. The ebook is available for pre-order where ever most ebooks are sold